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Now everyone wants to know about the timeline for availability of Covid-19 vaccine in market. In how many price it will available and how we get a dose of it?
According to WHO, till today, 142 companies globally working on vaccine development and many of them are in different stages of clinical trials.
  • 25 candidate vaccines in human trials and three phase human trials need for approval from competent legal authorities according to WHO guideline.
  • 5 out of  25 vaccine in final stage of human trial globally.
  • 139 vaccine manufacturers are in pre-clinical trial stage.
  • 2 Indian vaccine manufacturer  in stage-1 human trials.
  • Top 5 vaccines will come in market as early December 2020.

which vaccine will come first and what will be price of vaccine-

1. Oxford university & AstraZeneca vaccine

    This vaccine is under third phase human trial and vaccine will available in late November 2020. AstraZeneca  and Serum institute of India(SII) are partner for produce vaccine at large quantity and SII will produce 1.7 billion doses of vaccine for India, middle and low-income countries. Production of vaccine ‘Covishield’ already commenced after completing second phase trails for quick delivery after approval. 

 Phase third human clinical trials maybe start in India by August. SII CEO Adar Poonawalla confirmed that it will available at cost less than 1000 rupee per dose with name “Covishield” in India. As per the company, a person need 2 doses of vaccine to develop strong immune response.

The UK govt already signed deal with Oxford for 100 million doses, 300 million doses deal with USA govt in $1.2 billion and Brazil govt signed deal for 30 million doses in $127 million.

2. Moderna vaccine(US)-

   Moderna Inc has already started its mRNA-1273 vaccine third phase trial from 27 July, approx 30 thousand people participated in trail. This vaccine will available in early December.

   USA govt already in agreement for 100 million doses which will be produced by Catalent Inc for 0.5 billion dollars. Moderna is also in agreement with spain and Israel govt for supply of vaccine.cost of vaccine for two doses in USA and other developed countries will be $70.

3. Pfizer BioTech(US) vaccine –

   This company partnered with German BioNTech for producing BNT162b2 vaccine.Currently Pfizer vaccine under third phase trial. Pfizer promised that they will launched vaccine early October. American govt sign a deal for 100 million doses in $2 billion, UK for 30 million doses and Pfizer also signed deals with Netherlands, Germany, France, Itlay at priced $3-4 per dose.

4. GAVI vaccine alliance-

   The Gavi vaccine alliance which India is a part, has pledged $15 million for vaccine development. Alliance said that it would seek to negotiate tiered pricing for richer and poorer countries. GAVI alliance set target to supplies & deliver ‘2 billion’ doses across countries which are interested in it’s vaccine till end of year 2021. According to sources 75 countries are on table with GAVI at present time.

5. Sinovac vaccine-

    It’s a Chinese pharma company which is conducting third phase human trial in Brazil.

6. Johnson and Johnson vaccine-

    Johnson vaccine will available initially for emergency pandemic use in $10 per dose. Company had told their vaccine will not be for profit. It will be available all around world.

7. Bharat Biotech Covaxin-

    Hyderabad based Bharat Biotech working on vaccine with ICMR institute National Institute of Virology,Pune. Covaxin already cleared first phase human trials. According to ICMR it will available in 20 rupee per dose. Possibly it will available for vaccination next year.

Six more Indian comapanies start clinical trials like Panacea BioTech, Shanta Biotech, Biological E limited, Gennova Biopharma(Pune) and Zydus cadila(Ahmedabad).

Corona vaccine initially may not be directly available on medical store or maybe. strong possiblity is that it will be directly distributed by Centre govt, maybe govt gave initially start a vaccination program free of cost and maybe at lower price. 


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