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Defence News-02, Top headlines 10 September, 2020

1. India play Tibet card against China

Dalai Lama wishes to visit Taiwan 2021, this is first time after XI Jinping became china’s president. this news come out when Tibetan national martyred at Pangong TSO clash on 8 September. Tibet and Taiwan both are claimed by china as Chinese territory but Taiwan still a independent countries but most of UN member not accept Taiwan a independent nation under one china resolution passed by UN.
Recently in US congress introduced by Republican member bill for Tibet as Independent nation.

2. India’s external affairs minister S. Jaishankar meet Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi in Moscow

The external affairs minister on Moscow tour for SCO meet and this is first meeting at between both of them after Galwan Vally incident and Standoff along LAC. 

 3. Indian troops occupy more heights near finger areas

According to sources now Indian forces occupied several dominating heights  Pangong TSO and other Ladakh areas. Some Chinese Newspaper said that approx 50,000 PLA soldiers deployed near Pongong lake and Black-top hill with weaponry.

4. India-Russia will sign defense logistic support pact in next Annual summit

According to Russian ambassador in New Delhi inform that India and Russia will sign defense logistic support pact in India- Russia annual summit when Russian president Bladimir Putin visit India. this logistic support also included ongoing defense common project MIG-29 and Sukhoi-30. In this logistic support agreement India and Russia can use Naval, Air and Military bases each others. This is masterstroke to counter Chinese air defense and now Indian airforce and Navy can  counter china forces from both sides. Russia already agreed on export of BrahMos missile to other countries. 

5. India and japan sign logistic Agreement at New Delhi

Today Indian defense secretary and Japanese ambassador to India sign Matual logistic service pact at Japanese embassy in New Delhi. This pact allow access to each others provision of supplies and services during the bilateral exercise and training. Similar agreement have been signed by India with US, France, South Korea(only naval support pact), Singapore(only Naval) and Australia. this pact known as the Acquisition and Cross-Servising Agreement(ACSA Pact).

6. US president Donald trump Nominited for Noble Peace prize-2021 for Israel-UAE peace deal

The United State of America president Donald Trump has been nominated for Nobel Peace Prize-2021 for his role in brokering a deal between Israel and United Arab Emirates(UAE), according to reports.
The nomination was submitted by christian Tybring-Gjedde a Norwegian parliamentarian to the NATO parliamentary assembly.

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