Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

Chinese soldier captured by Indian security forces in Ladakh

Indian security forces has captured Chinese colonel rank soldier in Chumar- Demchok area of Ladakh union territory on 19 Oct. According to military officials soldier will be returned to the Chinese official after completion of military formalities. He was carrying civil and military documents when he was captured in Ladakh by the Indian army while Chinese official told that he was wandering in search of yak. 

 is it the dragon’s trick for espionage? 

There is two doubts on Chinese official statement.

 1- How is it possible that a colonel level army officer don’t know the India-china actual line, there who is posted in border line area. 

2- Is that really a colonel level officer was searching for yak? isn’t sound strange?  how anyone can forget to carry winter cloth in zero degree temperature environment while he remember to carry military and civil documents.

In the last one month, China has a whole series of such antics through which China wants to threaten India and maintain its dominance in the Asian region.

Since India set up its camp on Blacktop mountain, Pangong Tso and removed Chinese spying equipment from here. Since then China has been engaged in spying the Indian Army and defense weapons movement in other new ways. PLA continuously sending soldiers, civilians or AI equipped animals like yak and cattle in Indian territory to Spying on Indian army. 

China has been pretending to end border tensions and clash on the one hand, while on the other side is looking for a new area to raise a dispute at some other place In order to dominate the military talks. 

In many different ways, china tried to get the Indian Army presence and position in these new areas, so that it could succeed in its nefarious intentions. Some Chinese tactics-

  • Established spying equipment and radars near Indian border on high altitude areas like Kalatop, through these auto operated cameras and telescope china can observe movement of Indian soldiers and weapons.
  • On 05 Sept. three Chinese citizens caught by Indian army near border area without warm cloth in the sub zero temperature, isn’t it doubtful? All three Chinese citizens told that they lost their way in the Plateau area of North Sikkim which is at an altitude of 17,500 feet.
  • On August 31, a herd of yak and other cattle crossed over from the Chinese territory into Arunachal Pradesh. 

Could these yaks have come fitted with spying equipment? 

let’s see the history of Animal spying by different countries- 

The whale was found in Norway coast, around its head with electronic equipment used to pick up signals and intelligence and Norway said that it’s a Russian spy whale. The US Navy has using trained Dolphins with sensors to detect underwater mines and even submarines. Even domesticated cats were once used by the CIA to pick up audio recordings from Soviet establishments. Israel faced allegation by Iran found group of squirrels near a nuclear enrichment facility in 2007 and similarly Israel military used Pelicans, eagles and other vulture to spying which were found in many middle east countries with electronics devises.

  • On 19 Sept, Indian army apprehended a Chinese soldier, identified as a colonel, in eastern Ladakh’s Demchok sector, after he had strayed across the LAC.

All these are the way to find out Indian military movement and weapons location or PLA try to confirm Indian army presence in these areas before set-up tants in that location for create new dispute area. China knows that India cannot keep any Chinese citizens captive, India have to be handed back to China according to UN resolutions and India-China military pacts that’s why China is trying to spy in interior India in different ways.

China’s new political and strategic ways to enter in India’s internal politics and make easy win over the India in military war.

  • Started to interfere in National issue of other countries or started personal relation with top political leader of that country via their Companies. In second case started to spying on them through many social apps or websites likewise A Chinese Shenzen-based IT company was monitoring over 10,000 prominent Indian citizens including President Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Sonia Gandhi, among others.
  • After Galwan Vally incidents many Chinese hackers continue hit India’s internet servers and hack government websites. Chinese hackers attacked on around 5000 total Indian companies website in last 5 months  include top Indian companies like Vedanta, L&T and many others. After hack the website, they theft whole data of company and demand for very high price for data otherwise they will sell data in open market. On 17 Sept, US government arrested five Chinese in Mega hacking scheme to hit Indian Government Networks.

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