Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

India’s Nuclear Doctrine

Recently at the conference on Disarmament in Oct 2020, Indian Ambassador Pankaj Sharma reiterated that even as tension with neighboring China heat up India but the country remains committed to its doctrine of ‘No First Use Policy’ of its nuclear weapons unless first attack with them. While late defense minister Manohar Parikar and current Defence minister Rajnath Singh told that India’s policy on nuclear weapons may be changed.


India’s adherence to a no first use policy since 1998, when the country went nuclear power. New Delhi has rejected the idea of initiating the use of such weapons in any conflict scenario. Nuclear weapons, in Indian strategy, are purely retaliatory and stance has made good military-diplomatic sense.


Some important points of India’s Nuclear Doctrine-

India should build and maintain a credible minimum deterrent for national security. currently, India has about 120-150 nuclear warheads but for a two-front war, India needs a minimum of 250 nuclear heads.

India adopted ‘No first use policy’ means nuclear weapons only to be used in retaliation against a nuclear attack. India’s nuclear attack retaliation will be massive and designed to inflict unacceptable damage.

Nuclear retaliatory attack to be authorized only by civilian political leadership, not army leadership. Prime Minister controlled and command the Indian nuclear command authority.

No use of nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states but India retains the option of retaliating with nuclear weapons in the biological or chemical weapons attack.

Two different views on nuclear doctrine in this current situation-

1. There is a growing consensus in the western nonproliferation community that. in practice, new Delhi has already nearly relinquished the policy. those experts believe that should India and Pakistan go to war, India would ready its nuclear weapons for preemptive strikes.

2. Many experts believe that this would be an opportune time for India to align its stated policy with its apparent intentions.

Current geo-politics scenario on nuclear weapons- 

Amid India’s increasing bilateral tensions with Pakistan and China, defense minister Rajnath Singh hinted that India may abandon its No first use policy on nuclear weapons. he added that ” Till today, our nuclear policy is ‘no first use’ what happens in future depends on the circumstances,”. His importance becomes more in time of border tensions continues increasing with china. we know that China and Pakistan are evergreen friends, and China using Pakistan to counter India so we can face a two-front war in the future so it’s important to chance our no-first-use nuclear policy to avoid this problem.

After India received Russia’s S-400 defense system 90% possibility that India will destroy Pak’s nuclear attack in the air, and Pakistan doesn’t have any supersonic missile to date so it’s more possible that Pakistan will not first attack India. It’s also a more possibility of a small-scale war with Pakistan near POK by India after receiving all 5 batteries of S-400 to take back some part of POK.

As news comes earlier this month that President Joe Biden working on ‘ no first use ‘ of nuclear weapons and in the next few months maybe he will introduce a bill in congress. NATO countries and other USA allies resist it because their biggest reason to ally with America is defense security but if the US adopts no first use policy then countries like Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, UK, and European countries will need another nuclear friend who can save them from China’s aggression.

Various counteries stand on nuclear weapons use-

  1. USA,UK, and NATO countries not follow ‘no first use’ policy on nuclear weapons use against their enemy in war.
  2. Russia also not follow ‘no first use’ policy on nuclear use against any country
  3. India and China follow ‘No first use policy’ on nuclear weapons use.

What is your opinion on ‘India’s no first use policy and should India change it or not?

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